Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcome to Our Little Slice Of Heaven!

Here it is 2015 and life is so full.  The days whiz by here on the farm and still we manage to snatch a few quiet moments to listen to the cows, hear the chirping of the birds, the gobble of a turkey looking for her mate, and watch as the deer stop by and graze on the newly planted grasses.
We have been so very blessed and so thankful for the love of family and friends as we take on a new chapter in our lives.
We have hosted small workshops here at the farm and have set out on an adventure of building a Big Red Barn.  Let me tell you Danny has loved red barns since he was just a lil' guy driving down to see his Granny so long ago.
In our Big Red Barn we will have a spacious brightly lit workroom for hosting workshops on rug hooking, wool applique, quilting, scrapbooking, knitting crank~ins, Bible retreats and so much more.
A bunkhouse that will sleep 16 guests with a twin bed for each gal.  We do have a separate bunkhouse for the menfolk that will sleep 3.  You will sit back and relax as we fix your meals and snacks.  Take a little time and rock on one of the porches and watch and listen to the sounds of the country life.  Look up and gaze at the heavens late in the evening as the sun sets and the stars and moon shine overhead.  It's such a peaceful feeling as the night sounds begin with the croak  of frogs down at the pond and the call of the coyotes off in the woods.
It is our hope and desire for old and new friends to have a place to gather to be creative and share a bit of the country life.  We are a simple little farm with a lot of Oklahoma hospitality.

This picture was taken several years ago as we began this little adventure.  Now we are expanding to the Barn so that we can accommodate folks where they can stay and work on their projects without having to leave for the evening.
I plan on showing you the progress of the barn as it all comes together in the next few months and the workshops as they happen.
Danny and I want to welcome you to Prairie Moon Prims and Retreats and hope you will enjoy your time here whether it be actually coming to our farm or just enjoying it through pictures!
As always Happy Trails to You and thanks for stopping by......Ginger

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  1. How exciting! I look forward to seeing pictures of the barn as it progresses. It's funny, I dream of having a shop some day - don't we all? Mine would feature rug hooking and punch needle and I would love for it to be out of my home - or barn! Just like you I have thought about finding a place with a barn or enough rooms to host workshops. What a grand idea and I'm happy that this will be happening for you!